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I'm counting 14 " >:C " faces in this picture. I don't suppose Psycho Goldfish's face counts as an angry face?

Then it'd be 15. That's a lot of angry.

Oh, yeah. Nice picture. (Which, by now, should be pretty freak'n obvious since you're a professional).

JohnnyUtah responds:

i think goldfish's >:( was cut off

thanks for the review handsome!

'Positive' Space 'Positive' Space

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Very interesting piece! Reminds me strongly of both Metroid Prime and Daft Punk's animated movie "Interstella 5555" (because of the colors and style).

The mixture of colors with just prismacolor markers is quite the feat! I find them hard to work with because they bleed, but you've managed to turn that right around into something quite cool!

Keep it up! :D

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Wisenheimers Wisenheimers

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The guy with the glasses...

...has two pairs of nostrils.

Just say'n.

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Hank Hank

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Nicely detailed!

Ooh! Scary Scary! :O

Nicely done!


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Lawlz. Funny thoughts in my head.

Here orgasms are missile launches, and her babies are little bombs!


I know, I know, I'm normally not this perverted (LIE) but it just crossed my mind is all.

It'd make a very entertaining character, but I think a little too half-hazard for the "Girl Chan" universe. Her missiles and guns make too much sense in a world where random run-on sentences ravage the script. :O

I-smel responds:

oh yae you might be right

Jumper Girl Jumper Girl

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Pants? PANTS?!

Pants are for people...wait...she JUMPS?



Great are, not just for the sexiness, but just because it's just down-right well drawn.

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Brakkenimation responds:

Thanks very much :)

By 'jumper' I meant her sweater (we call 'em jumpers here in Australia).
But yeah, this is probably what she jumps in as well :P

William and Sly William and Sly

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It's beautif---WHAT THE HELL?!

It's a beautifully done piece of art. I loved that game too, and I'm sure you're doing it full justice...

But what the hell is with the spider?! I vaguely remember the final boss being a spider? Maybe?

Spiders scare the hell out of me, and that was...unexpected to say the least. ^_^;;

Overall, well done!

I'm going to run away like a little girl now. But faster. Much, MUCH faster.

345565 345565

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It looks like breast-plate armor, but then it just kinda goes "WHOOSH", and the land kinda flew around.

Over all: Sweet!

Voina Voina

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Look at the thumbnail of this.

I like it, but look at the thumbnail of this actual picture, and it looks much better.

Get it? THOSE are the kinds of adjustments that are needed, but not to sacrifice quality.

Dwagon Dwagon

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I'm...just going to...

...turn around...and....RUN.