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Tumblr Art

2013-01-31 11:03:24 by Scorium

Yo! I've got a Tumblr now.

Posting more art stuff there these days. I haven't really been on Newgrounds in a long while due to college. It'll probably be like that for a while I imagine.


New Voice Acting Demo

2012-09-01 15:13:52 by Scorium

Here's my new Voice Acting Demo! re=plcp

If you like what you hear, go ahead and contact me.

My e-mail is, and I can also be reached via Youtube, or here on Newgrounds.

New Voice Acting Demo


2012-03-21 09:06:01 by Scorium

I think...


Some of my lines are quiet, but this animation is TOTALLY AMAZING, BRO.


Well, having taken a year's hiatus off of voice acting, I hope to get back into it soon before starting my second year of college, probably sometime in August since I'm busy all of July.

With some new sound-editing programs, a year's worth of off-the-record practice, and some newly discovered voices, I'm ready to hit the bricks running once again!

So, watch out for "Scorium" or "ScoriumtheVA", because that'll be me. Hopefully in the credits of some awesome movie or animation.

I just got the Adobe Master Suite Collection (CS5) & my new AT2020 USB Mic!


I've already starting playing around with Photoshop and Illustrator. Flash is next, but I want to get a decent Wacom Tablet before I do anything serious with it. I've tried drawing with the mouse, and I have absolutely no talent for it. Some people can do it, but I'm sh*t outta luck.

Exciting stuff for me, at least! :D

Ha ha! I'm back in action for some Voice Acting work again!

After moving to another residence, I didn't really have a proper computer to record VA work on.

But NOW: I've got a MacBook Pro! I'm raring to tackle any VA job out there! BRING IT ON!!!


Back for some VA action, baby! (Available for work)

The computer I usually use is going to be out of reach while I get a new computer. So, I'll be unavailable for Voice Acting work for a while.

Probably a few weeks. Maybe a few days. Who knows!

And I'll be moving, so that's busy work.

Anyways, I'll be back! Just going on a little break~!


I'll be unavailable for Voice Acting Work for a while~!

Finally! The first-ever revelation of my Voice Acting.

2010-06-23 00:00:27 by Scorium

Episode 2: Moon Anew

Filmed and coordinated by a man called Eurashal. I had nothing to do with the actual filming of the machinima.

That's all his crew.

I voice acted for the character "Warrior of Light"

This was my first-ever request, and strangely, the first-ever release of my voice to the internet. I've voice acted for several other things, but this is the first to actually come out.


Anyways, Episode 2: Moon Anew is split up into four parts.

This is the second part, the segment where I played the WOL. (Warrior 'O' Light)

/* */
The request was to act and sound 'knight-ish', honorable, valiant, etc. It was definitely a learning experience. I think I sound a bit corny...

Tell me what you guys think, of both my voice acting, and the segment.

*is a bit giddy from the excitement*

Finally! The first-ever revelation of my Voice Acting.


I've finally got an air conditioner back in the room! We always put it away for the winter, but it's back!



On another note, projects I've voiced for (numbering in about three-to-four already) still ain't out.

However, it's no rush for me, but I'm excited, and that's because they're all close to completion at about the same time.